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weiss had to explain to a little boy that his sister had gone to heaven and he's part of the clergy in that town that are keeping people together. they are he' scared, they're afraid. in fact, one man came up to me this morning, please, saint to the satellite trucks and reporters, please don't hurt our town. i said i'm from fox news, i came here to share and grieve and be in solidarity and i lost my own father this week he had a long, long life, but we understand loss in this countries and we understand the need to pull together and be together and that's what the monsignor was talking about this morning, the need to be present, and share god's mercy and understand that faith will in fact bring us through this. he said, very interestingly, you know, people question whether this has shaken by faith in god. no, it hasn't. it may have shaken my faith in human beings as to what i've soon the last 25, 30 years in this country, but not my faith in god. >> a lot of people would agree with him on that and the monsignor has so many things to do, those six children went to his parish. he will
that are suffering most deeply because there is no theological solution to this except heaven. except eternal life but that is not what these families are thinking about right now. a little bit those that were watching trying to find answers. let me tell you how i deal with this. when i look at such terrible abuses of free will like this. the first thing i do is cry. the second thing i do is to stand in awe of how much god much value the properties of freedom which is love. to value it so much he would risk a very small part of the population abusing it in way that would affect the little children, the least of these the most loved so gravely and deeply. i think god is with the families right now. he was with the children when they suffered and died and he will be with all of us as we decide to double down on love which is the only solution until we get to the heaven. >> heather: is that the answer to the question, if you believe in god, why would god allow this to happen because he did this free will? >> its great question. its real question, i wish i could say there was a perfect answer. but i d
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chinese lanterns sending their little angel a birthday party to heaven. [singing] happy birthday to you. kelly. >> as the pay it forward jayden style movement continues to grow this father can't help to think become to his son's final day and their final conversation. he now realizes jayden's journey was far from over. >> it makes me think back to when he said god needs me more and it makes me think maybe that is what this is. kelly: amen. jaime: why can't we have a story like that to remind us to be grateful. kelly: i am so touched by that story. i hope you're inspired to live as jayden did and pass it forward. jaime: karen arboasher bringing us that story. kelly: thank you to jayden and his wonderful family. jaime: some hollywood stars are get back in a way they can. harrison ford and melissa gilbert teamed up with the los angeles mission. together they served a christmas eve meal to thousands of homeless and less fortunate families on l.a.'s kid row. in addition to food a santa claus workshop was a set up to distribute thousands of donated toys to kid who might not otherwise get pres
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7